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We typically work with homeowners on the higher end of home value. We take pride in our ability to be precise and quick when dealing with everything from our initial meeting with our prospective clients, to the entire insurance claims process.


Once we get in touch with you, we do our preliminary inspection and meet with you to give you your report to take to your insurance. We work closely with you through the claim approval process, and once the claim is approved, we schedule a date and time for installation.
It’s that simple and easy to get your roofing damages covered by insurance and installed in a quick, precise timeframe that doesn’t take away from your schedule.

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free roof inspection


Free Roof Inspection


Hassle free insurance process

Hassle free insurance process
free roof inspection


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Things You Need To Look For When Selecting Your Roofing Company!

What Type Of Damage Is Typically Covered?

Great question! Check out these cards below for a few examples. Our services are unique in our field. We don’t just offer roof repairs, we strive to make sure that all roofs have been installed properly and help our customers get their fair share from their insurance companies. When you call us, we strive to understand your roof’s problems and needs, then we inspect it to identify the problems.


Hail will leave dark-colored spots, almost like cheetah prints, all over your roof. If you notice this pattern your roof is severely damaged and you need to set up an inspection with us asap.


Wind damage is not as detrimental to the health of your roof, but it’s much more noticeable. Lifted shingles, missing shingles, or damaged/ ripped shingles usually are a big indicator of wind damage. An example of less subtle wind damage might be granule loss, which has a faint sparkly look.

wind damage