The Ultimate Roof Replacement Guide For Homeowners

by Nov 18, 2022

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Help my roof is leaking…

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You might have questions & rightly so here’s our ultimate roof replacement guide for homeowners :

What is causing my leak?

Roof leaks can appear for one of a few reasons. As roofs get older, they are more susceptible to leaking, especially here in the Mansfield and Frisco /Prosper areas.

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What does my insurance company cover?

Insurance companies only cover the sudden and direct physical loss. This means if lightning strikes your roof or home You are covered. This also means that after a hail storm hits your prosper home you are covered. Insurance does not pay for roofing systems because they are old. If you wait until your roof is old, there is a likelihood that your insurance company will no longer pay for your roof.

How does hail affect a shingle??

Hail, hat, fax, shingles for a myriad of reasons. One hell knocks the protective granules off of your Shingle. you can think of these small granules and compare them to an umbrella at the beach. If you do not wear an umbrella at the beach, your skin will most likely be burned. When your roofing shingle does not have its protective coating, your asphalt will burn up similarly. Much like the asphalt in the road, roofing shingles asphalt is not Made to be exposed directly to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. prosper, Texas to get some of the most intense suns anywhere in the country. Mix that with our sweltering heat, and the fact that most roofing systems are underventilated which spells a recipe for disaster.

what does hail damage lookls like

Should I pay out of pocket or file a claim?

Roofing contractors are generally a bunch of shady con artists that should not be trusted. That being said 24–7 Restoration pride itself on being a storm, Restoration consultant, rather than some shady, fly-by-night roofing company, as most people are accustomed to.

If a roofing contractor tells you something is messed up, they should be able to back it up in riding with photos. if you’ve had someone coming by claiming to be a roofing inspector, don’t trust anything they say unless they can provide you with a detailed report that makes sense. A lot of roofing companies will try to confuse you with big terms or better yet. Won’t tell you anything about the process other than to file. Please do not trust the scam artist.

What if my contractor doesn’t have a license?

Texas does not require roofing contractors to be licensed, however, there is an association that is a branch of the national roofing contractors association, the same people that govern the licensing department for the other states. They do have a branch set up here in Texas, which does background checks on company owners, checks, to make sure all insurance is up-to-date and puts the Contractor through a series of tests, including business and roofing tests. we have obtained state licenses from Texas in the past, and it is the same process

So we highly recommend going with a contractor that has at least taken the time out to provide the closest equivalent that we have here in Texas.

roofing contractors association

How to handle a contractor interaction?

Contractors, for the most part, are like untamed little beasts. Not many people go to school to become a contractor and if they do, they’re not the ones that are in the field for very long. Undertraining is a big problem in our industry. In smaller companies, we are the owner or owners. Assistant is the one that comes out and is typically where you get burned. When you work with a larger organization, you have layers of protection, such as the office staff, Managers, then the owner. Multiple layers of protection mean you have a better chance of being done right by.

80% of roofing companies in Texas only care about your money. They will tell you to file a claim every single time, regardless of how much damage is there. They do not care about your property or anything other than taking your roof. Check and try to file claims.

If you have not had your roofing report displayed to you, and every single detail lined out in a way that you understand, do not move forward with that roofing contractor.

If one of our project managers has come to visit you, and you do not feel like everything has been explained, please call the office and request to speak with the manager, if the phone does not get transferred directly over, one of us will call you back within the hour. Also, if you feel one of our project managers has not been trained to a satisfaction of what you have come to expect from reading this article, please call us ASAP at 682-999-8732. We want your feedback!

What type of maintenance does a shingle roof require?

Roofing maintenance is my favorite term because insurance companies love to throw it around. “You have failed to maintain your roof quote. What does that mean? Well, that means that you should have caught hail or wind damage on time and they do not feel like you have.

What maintenance can you do to stay on top of your roof?

Once a roof is first installed, there’s not much you need to do. We do recommend having a check after any hail, or storm, 1 inch or larger. Now, if you look around the neighborhood and see the shingles blown off of other people’s houses, we recommend having a roof at least inspected by a drone To see if a deeper inspection is warranted.

Roofs here in Dallas, Texas start to wear out between eight and 12 years of age. When roofing companies put on a roof, they often fail to assess the ventilation and make adjustments. Poorly ventilated roofs in conjunction with hail, and Highwind caused roofs to wear out prematurely. Think of taking a roofing shingle and placing it into your oven at 180°. (the hottest temperature we have recorded on a roof here in Texas) now take that Shingle out of the oven and put it back in once a day for six hours. You can imagine that the integrity of the shingle will diminish with each oven-roasting session. Now throw a 60 mile an hour 1 inch in diameter Hillstone at the roof shingle and see if he did not encourage some damage. Sounds like a bizarre situation but this is the weather here in Dallas Texas. Your roof is subject to freezing, burning up, and little ice stones being lobbed at it, any time of the year, whenever mother nature feels like it.

𝐑𝐨𝐨𝐟 𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐓𝐢𝐩𝐬

What are some secrets that roofing contractors don’t want you to know?

Here in the prosper/ Frisco, texas area it’s a lot like the wild wild west of Roofing. Because there is no license requirement or anybody can pick up a hammer and call Michelle for Roofer. Unfortunately, there is no state requirement to carry insurance or Workmen’s Comp. Less than 10% of us have Workmen’s Comp. insurance. your mileage may vary on insurance swear around 50% of roofing companies have insurance, and most of them have general liability with no specifically included insurance coverage towards the roof.

Speaking of insurance, most people have no idea what it means to have insurance much less what type of insurance is needed. So while you as a savvy homeowner, may ask for insurance, you would most likely know the difference between an insurance policy that covers your home in the event of an accident versus one that will most likely be disregarded by the insurance carrier should I claim to arise.

Let’s talk about some roof-build secrets:

Most Homeowners know the difference between 25-year and 30-year shingles. If you don’t know, the rectangular shingles picture below is 25-year shingles. It doesn’t mean they’re supposed to last 25 years, it’s a term that we have more commonly come to call as periods in climates up north, and in the Midwest where they did not get significant weather events, these products can last 25 years. However, here in prosper, Texas, we are likely to get a hail storm one to five times a year. Hail and storms shave off, the usable lifespan of the asphalt shingles, causing them to wear down prematurely and ultimately leave your property unprotected.

The trapezoid shape shingles that have more dimension to them are known as 30-year, architectural, shingles, or laminate shingles because there are two layers of mineral

Asphalt matting adheres to one another, giving you a double layer of protection over approximately half of the shingle’s exposure to the elements.

There are some tricks to the trade however when it comes to the shingles because not all manufacturers are made equally. I’m not going to go on a slander mission here, but America’s number-one-selling single is not America’s best and most durable shingle. We do not believe this is by coincidence, however, we are confident in the products that we put on, and we stand by our products and warranty

Asphalt shingle roofing warranty:

My oh my this is a sensitive topic. How long will your roofing contractor stay married to their work? Well when you’re installing hundreds of roofs a year and it’s all about the bottom line, it’s easy to save a few dollars. Below, I will talk about a couple of those ways that may seem insignificant to you, but adult big time on the backside.

So when it comes to roofing warranty, some people offer one year, two years, or five years, and if you’re lucky you get ten years these roofing warranties are a true testament to the confidence of installation. 24–7 Restoration offers a lifetime warranty on our products where as long as your building is standing, we will warranty your roof. The only gimmick to this warranty is large hail and Highwinds. If our insulation should have any workmanship issues, or if you have some shingles that should blow off at any point down the road, give us a shout, and we’re happy to come and patch you back up.

Nickel and diming you out of your roof:

I said we were going to talk about how corners get cut in here. I will address a few of those.

Insurance companies would ask that we cut the back of the shingle off and use that as a starter course. If you did not know what a starter course’s purpose on an asphalt shingle roofing system was, it is the first shingle that goes on the project. The shingle spans the perimeter of the roof and supplies extra protection from water, infiltrating the roof from the perimeter, and wind resistance around the roof gable, I clean line for installers to line up their cuts.

Most roofing contractors will cut the back off of a regular Shingle, which does not carry the same rating or construction as an asphalt starter shingle. Asphalt starter Shingle has approximately $150-$300 to THE PROJECT’s bottom line. If your contractor only cares about profit, or is busy, trying to gobble down a deductible, this is something you would need to watch for.

Non-removal of the underlayment of the roof.

Time and time again I’ve heard about roofing contractors. Tell homeowners that “two layers of protection are better than 1” and time and time again we have had to rip off two, three, four, and even five layers of felt paper or underlayment.

What does underlayment do?

Read our Blog on “Roofing Underlayment” to learn everything about “Roofing Underlayment


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