What does roofing underlayment do?

by Nov 21, 2022

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Roofing Underlayment :

Roofing underlayment is required between the deck’s surface of your home and underneath the asphalt shingles to help with water intrusion. It is a necessary component of the roof because water will at some point get underneath the shingles and your underlayment is your second layer of protection. It’s extremely important to remove this when replacing the system because old holes cannot be filled leaving your system. More vulnerable.

it is important to remove the old layer and inspect the decking, because on the chance that water does get underneath the shingles and underneath the underlayment, it will tend to wick in the decking, causing the plywood to rot.

The last thing you need under your brand-new roof is rotten decking. Also, you cannot visibly see that the decking is rotting because Sent with the water wicking on top of the decking. It tends to cause the top half of the decking to show rot first. Rotten or swollen decking will cause the shingles to lay on evenly and water will get in with the shingles that do not sit flush with one another.

Ice & Water Barrier :

Ice and water barrier is required by all manufacturers. If you do not have ice and water barrier in at least the valleys here in Texas, you do not have an active manufactures warranty. Ice and water are self-adhering asphalt tar products that are your third layer of defense and should go in all areas that are susceptible to leaking. This is an added layer of protection that your roofing contractor can install for you and it’s a very low cost for, the value it provides.

Plastic Pipe Jacks & Vents :

For the love of all of that which is holy, stop putting plastic on top of the roof. First of all, plastic helps minimize collateral damage which roofing contractors used to prove to the insurance company that hail did occur. Next plastic does not dent like metal, but it does break, making metal a more viable option, than plastic. Third plastic accessories do not function as efficiently as plastic. Over time, the plastic will curl and crack.  Last, metal is more malleable and tends to stay in place once bent or nailed.

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